GRC/SPE Workshop: High-Temperature Well Cementing and Integrity - Exploring Geothermal and Oil and Gas Synergies

  1. The Function of Cement in Well Construction
    • Isolation
    • Structural
    • Sealing off unwanted zones
    • Loss circulation control
  2. Slurry Blends
    • Desired properties of the slurry
    • Additives and retarders including high temperature additives
    • Long term results
    • Corrosion control and corrosion resistant
    • Light weight cements
    • Acid resistant cements
  3. HT/HP Cements
    • High-temperature resistant cements
    • High-pressure cement and placement
  4. Placement Procedures
    • Conventional and inner string cementing
    • Reverse cementing
    • Staged cementing
    • Tie-back cementing
    • Centralized casing strings
  5. Other Uses of Cement
    • Well plugging – well abandonments
    • Sidetrack cementing
    • Balanced plugs
    • Squeeze cementing
  6. Problems and Solutions
    • Poorly cemented annuli  - trapped voids and/or fluids
    • Thermal breakdown and/or cycling
    • Poorly centralized casing strings
    • Micro-annuli
  7. What is needed for future cement blends and cement placement technologies
    • Wish list of future cements
    • What cement properties would the industry like to see developed
  8. Case Histories and Past Experiences

    Invited presenters or voluntary presenters with pertinent subject matter that they would like to present.  Each of these presenters will need to submit their subject matter for approval several week prior to the workshop.
  9. Panel Discussion

    Conclusion of the workshop will be a panel discussion to review all presented matter to include questions and answers as well as any concluding remarks.  All presenters should be present to participate in these final discussions.